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Studio7 series

Studio7 fuses the richness of our past and the boldness of the future. This line of passive loudspeakers, created in tribute to its two founders, Preben Jacobsen and Julius Mortensen, offers a rare combination of aesthetics and audio performance.

Jamo 7 degree angle MOBILE
Jamo 7 degree angle


Studio7 owes its name to the 7° tilt that makes it look and sound so distinctive


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S7 17 HCS Grey Grille off
S7 17 HCS Blue Grille off
Grey Blue
S7 25 F Grey Hero Grille Off
S7 25 F Blue Hero Grille Off
Grey Blue
S7 15 B Grey Pair Hero Grille Off
S7 15 B Blue Pair Hero Grille Off
Grey Blue
S7 25 C Grey Hero Grille Off
S7 25 C Blue Hero Grille Off
Grey Blue

Jamo at Home

Studio7 is all about hygge, the enjoyment of life in a warm atmosphere.
Sit comfortably, relax and enjoy a sound as pure as the Scandinavian air.

Jamo history founders background 1
Jamo history founders 1

50 year legacy

Our story started in 1968 in Glyngøre, a tiny fishing village nested on the north shore of Denmark, Jamo was founded by two brothers-in-law, Preben Jacobsen and Julius Mortensen.